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On behalf of teachers.

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Relative to: America’s Teachers, and the protests against Union busting.

I’ve been wanting to discuss the happenings in Wisconsin for a while now, but finding that I have little to add to the situation. I support unions, generally speaking. I don’t think they are always necessary, but I think these kinds of situations are the reason they are necessary. Walker, who is trying to bend on the unions of Wisconsin (not balance the budget), is hoping they will finally break. I don’t know what will happen. I really don’t know what will happen if the unions in Wisconsin (the home of the union) do break, and unions around the country follow suit.

What frustrates me about these kinds of conversations, disputes about the need for union benefits and pensions and what kind of incomes and retirements are protected by the unions is this: not all employment is created equal. Sure, maybe some jobs don’t need union protection. But what if you are an electrician for the state, or a firefighter, or cop, or any number of demanding jobs. Working a white-collar job at a desk, waiting for retirement at 65 (or 67 or 70?) is not the same as holding these jobs until 65. It simply is not the same. And that goes for teaching.

Why do so many have such a negative attitude about public school teachers? Of course their not all good; no workforce has all good workers. As Jon Stewart said in his opening last night, with bankers its just a few bad apples, but with teachers, the whole lot are greedy animals. Really, I don’t understand how someone can send their child to a public school with all the other children for the day, then spend the night complaining about how good teachers have it. It’s mind boggling. The new argument is that teachers are not poor, they are solidly middle class. OK. So we can take money from the middle class now without remorse while denigrating the individuals who are responsible for the education of our youth as greedy SOBs just trying to get rich while not teaching kids? Or is it just that all the rich talking heads send their kids to private school, and do not know what the situation really is? Teaching is hard work, teaching your kids, well that’s even harder .

Regardless, here is Jon Stewart in a later segment, on behalf of the teachers.


Written by Christopher ZF

March 1, 2011 at 11:12