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Santorum is the very model of a modern evangelical

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He is the very model of a modern Evangelical,
quite content to sit and judge the gays and homosexuals,
the Iowans had no choice but to choose someone unethical,
the only choices they could see were between hypotheticals,
Ron Paul, Mitt Romney didn’t seem as eager to be critical
of everyone and everything that is clearly so despicable,
and since none of them have a chance to beat the Muslim Radical
that’s in the White House now what does it matter who they voted for?

There is no way the GOP can choose among such terrible
options as were presented to Iowa to verify.
There must be someone out there who can rescue us from tyranny,
because Obama is the worst he’s not even from our country-

Hawaii doesn’t count because it’s really far from anything,
also I cannot drive there , which makes it unAmerican,
Donald Trump knows of course it is no coincidence,
he knows exactly how and why Barry is the Darkest Prince.

Anyway-now that Santorum has shown he is the ‘real deal’
it’s time Republicans start to panic for the coming year,
Do you really think that Rick Santorum offers the nation anything
beyond his own assurance that evil is in everything?
Don’t let your party be hijacked by crazy evangelicals,
there must be smart conservatives in suburbs and in towns rural,
you are the ones who have to point out Santorum is the worst of all.
Of course it doesn’t matter neither he nor Mitt or Mr. Paul
Has any chance to win next year, even with no jobs at all.

Why has your party lost its sight on the nature of reality,
it’s true in matters political, philosophic and actual,
you’ve been content to sit and gripe without concern for anything,
but causing everyone heartburn by doing little or nothing.
And now the best you have to offer up for president of all
Is Rick Santorum, the model of the modern evangelical?

(If you are unfamiliar with Pirates of Penzance, and need to find the tune for this ditty, watch this).


Written by Christopher ZF

January 4, 2012 at 12:15