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12:01 = one more step toward the end of ≠

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Busy as a bee lately, but today is a historic, positive day for United States policy, and I wanted to take a minute to recognize.

Congratulations to President Obama and his administration, the United States Military, and to our nation as a whole for bringing about the repeal of the  immoral policy of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. The policy ended at 12:01 this morning, and with it, one more systematic form of discrimination is removed from the US government.

It’s not the end, and the results of a repeal like this won’t all be positive. But the nation continues to move forward towards a more just and equal treatment of the gay and lesbian communities. And that’s only a good.


Written by Christopher ZF

September 20, 2011 at 10:24

Repeal DADT

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Relative to: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

It’s been 8 days, a lot of computer problem and a new house since the last post on TRC. But we are back on and return with what could be very good news. After much delay, ballyhoo on the part of opponents, a push to let the military do their own study, the completion of that study and then more ballyhoo on the part of opponents despite the results of that study, it looks like Don’t Ask Don’t Tell might be repealed.

It is overdue. The senate appears to have 61 votes, enough for passage. Now it is up to Sen. Harry Reid to bring the measure before senators. Even Sen. Joe Lieberman, of all people, calls any delay by Reid “totally unacceptable.”

So get it done, ladies and gentlemen. There are procedural hurdles and other votes of importance, sure. But this is important, and it can finally be done. Do it.

Written by Christopher ZF

December 16, 2010 at 16:56