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Donald Trump: Adding a Clown to an already Circus-like Contest

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Republican Party members should be very concerned if Donald Trump is allowed to play a role in the nominating process of the GOP Presidential Primary Race. After the circus performance that was Trump’s flirtation with actually running in the race, Trump now is planning to moderate  a debate for the candidates. Is this a Presidential Contest or an elaborate joke being perpetrated on America? I don’t mean to make the Presidential race into some kind of idol to be worshiped, but let’s take at least a modicum of seriousness in to the decision to pick our President.

Republicans, you need to get this to STOP, now. For your own sake and the sake of your party. Donald Trump is probably the only entity in the country that has a more inflated sense of his own importance and value than the NFL. He does not bring anything but cartoon-quality blather to any conversation, save perhaps reality television. He promotes the worst side of bigoted anti-Obamaism, and pretends that his experience as a Sometimes-Failed, Sometimes-On-TV-Rich-American-Hotel-Owner-and-“Empire”-Manager provides him with some insight into governance on a national level. And he is toxic to the political process.

Treating Donald Trump as an important Political figure is just as ridiculous as treating Dr. Dre as a respected scientist.

Thankfully, at least some people in the GOP recognize the terrible idea that is allowing Trump into the discussion. Karl Rove sees the shallowness of Trump’s pretend run for President, as well as the ridiculous nature of the debate. Rep. Ron Paul, too, has said he would not partake in a debate in which Donald Trump gets the moderator role. According to the Paul campaign, Donald Trump’s involvement will “contribute to an unwanted circus-like atmosphere.”  You think? Unfortunately, not all the candidates agree. Newt Gingrich met with Trump last week, and defended him from the attacks of Paul, Rove, and other conservatives.

The GOP nominating contest already operates in a similar fashion to a spectacle of true absurdity. The competition provides plenty of opportunity for extreme candidates to appear before national audiences and compete to be the most insensitive to immigrants, the most willing to execute criminals, the most excited to bomb Iran, etc. There is no need to add another buffoon into the crowded circus tent, and start a competition to be the most willing to please Donald Trump.

UPDATE: To wit:

Watch this outrageous video of Trump insulting Huntsman, decrying Obama and pushing the Birther Agenda even further. Disgraceful.


Written by Christopher ZF

December 5, 2011 at 13:46