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Relative to: “St. Paul residents passionate about their city,” by Chris Havens, Star Tribune.

“The Soul of a Community,” a new Gallop Study, was released today. The study measured the passion citizens had for the cities in which they lived, and how that passion affected the community of that city. Among the 25 cities included were St. Paul, MN and Duluth, MN. Anyone who knows anyone from St. Paul, Minnesota knows that we deeply love our State and its Capitol.  Here’s what the STrib had to say about the study:

The things that link St. Paulites to their city the most are social offerings, community openness and physical beauty, according to the report. Perceptions of the local economy, leadership and safety were deemed to be less important.
Duluth was the other Minnesota included in the study, and results there mirrored St. Paul.
“Our theory is that when a community’s residents are highly attached, they will spend more time there, spend more money; they’re more productive and tend to be more entrepreneurial,” said Jon Clifton, deputy director of the Gallup World Poll. “The study bears out that theory.”

Read the full results at

Read the St. Paul specific results here. Why do folks in the Twin Cities feel emotional attachment to their city?  Starting with the strongest influence:
Social Offerings
Basic Services
Social Capital
Civic Involvement.

Remember, these are not actual measurements (everyone knows civic involvement in the Twin Cities is top of the pops) but the reasons individuals feel emotional attachment.


Written by Christopher ZF

November 15, 2010 at 12:45

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