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Welcome to The Relative Comment. Here’s a little About the Blog.

TRC offers the world commentary, both brief and long-winded, on various and sundry matters of interest. There are few general guiding principals for the posts, but some of the major themes are: US politics, civics and government, environment and climate issues, the mingling of politics and religion, the relationship of science and religion, education, astronomy and space and NASA, Minnesota politics, wilderness issues, etc. We’ve got Harry Potter and Michele Bachmann covered.

A little About the Author:

CZFinke lives in a 100-year old house in St. Paul, MN. He works in renewable energy policy, and enjoys discussing liberal progressive agendas (No More Oil!) while maintaining a politically moderate philosophy of governance (Compromise is a Value to the System!).

In his free time, CZFinke reads Walt Whitman poems,  books about energy and environment, fiction of all ilks, Discover Magazine (thanks, Groupon). He loves the written word. He recently finished David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest and followed it up with Michio Kaku’s Einstein’s Cosmos. It might have been the best back-to-back read in history. In addition to books, CZFinke watches many films, (among his favorites are Princess Mononoke and Princess Bride (also movies not about princesses, like Gattaca)), and the occasional television series, his favorite of which is Battlestar Galactica.

CZFinke and his wife love travel and camping, gardening and sitting around the fire pit in the backyard, just being outside.

Commentary, generally relative to all.


Written by Christopher ZF

November 9, 2010 at 17:49

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