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Inter-Governmental Global Domination through Sustainable Development? Really! How dare anyone take away our Constitutional, no, our GOD given right to fuck up this planet in any way we so choose!

Sometimes, you read something so ridiculous, you wonder if it must be true. People can only be so crazy, right? Which means, just maybe, Agenda 21 is code for global domination, the UN is plotting to destroy American  freedom through bike paths and sustainable practices, and we are all screwed.

Thankfully, there are enough Americans who have their eyes open, and they will do anything to stop any inconvenience from reaching their communities, or from allowing their local governments to be subject to global conspirators. And they are ready and willing to expose this underground effort at tyranny.

Did you know that the United Nations is in cahoots with local land-use planners all over the country to rob you and your neighbors of your God-given right to your gun, your land, your water, your food, and your liberty? Did you know that there is a UN document, titled Agenda 21, that sets out the plan and that Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich already has declared that, if he were to become president, he would cut funding for any activity related to that U.N directive? Glenn Beck knows all about it, naturally, and so does the Tea Party…

Like all grand conspiracy theories, the UN plot for world domination, as expressed through “sustainable development” initiatives, links together all the disparate themes the theorist wants to see linked. George Soros is in on the plot. So is the Occupy Movement. So is President Obama. So are the Clintons. So, the Agenders say, is Queen Elizabeth II herself. And don’t forget the Rothschilds! The only people missing from the equation are  Scully, Mulder, and the Smoking Man.

Actually. TRC does think you should read this story. It is a bit snarky, like we are, but represents an important problem in the effort to tackle climate change. Namely, that Americans are over the concept of shared sacrifice.  Anything that impacts us, personally, is just a step too far. We don’t want to sacrifice for our wars, and we certainly are not going to sacrifice for the health our planet.

There is a lesson here, that is unfortunately being learned all over the country: If you fight long enough and loud enough, even if you have no evidence or argument to the contrary, you can disrupt positive national change in order to protect your own personal belief that everyone is out to get…YOU.

Unfortunately for Jesse Ventura, most conspiracy theories do turn out to be just a load of bull.

**P.S. TRC does recognize there is a need to address this concern, for whatever reason it might exist, and notes the real world reality that the Agenda 21 folks represent. We recommend Why Planners Need to take Agenda 21 Criticism more Seriously for a cooler response.


Written by Christopher ZF

February 8, 2012 at 10:39

Posted in a rant

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