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Do you really think the Quakers are wrong on Keystone?

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In a piece at Politico on the lobby reports for Keystone XL, there is mention of a Quaker lobbying group and their involvement in Keystone efforts.

That caught my eye. So I checked out the Friends statement on the Keystone XL, and must say, I was warmed to think that TRC’s position is the same as that of the Quakers. Isn’t it always better to be on the side of the Quakers?

The over-arching concern with the Keystone project is that it represents an immense investment in dangerously dirty technology and backward thinking. Not only would the pipeline promote greater production of and access to fossil fuels, but it would take us further in the wrong direction in a time when our energy economy and the infrastructure that supports it should be undergoing fundamental change.

If you want to support the dirty, dangerous pipeline, you’re going to have to argue with the  Society of Friends. And why would you want to argue with a group whose message is peace, equality, justice and simplicity?


Written by Christopher ZF

February 6, 2012 at 13:49

Posted in Keystone XL, Politics

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