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There’s only one acceptable use of the word “Gotcha”

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There should be a new law that states,

Pursuant to TRC rule no 1: a law relating to public self-justification following self-inflicted character damage, effective immediately upon passage January 25, 2012.
No politician or public figure in the United States, be they elected representative, hired employee, appointed official, or formerly held any such position, may use the term “gotcha” to reference a question posed or reference made when speaking publicly, before cameras, or before a crowd of citizens, media figures, or when responding via written format. Any use of “gotcha” or “gotcha question” to attempt to justify one’s own racism, sexism, stupidity, irrationality, douche-baggery or any other shortcoming, will be immediately recognized as an omission of one’s fault in this matter, and an acknowledgement that you are in fact a racist, sexist, irrational idiot, bigot, douche-bag, etc.

This law excepts any reference to the 1985 film Gotcha!, the classic story of  student paintball games turned all too serious, starring Anthony Edwards. References to Gotcha! are in fact encouraged. 


Written by Christopher ZF

January 25, 2012 at 15:30

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