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Dear Star Tribune: Amy Koch was not punched in the face

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What a weekend for news, right folks?

Newt Gingrich destroyed and annihilated and embarrassed, etc., Mitt Romney in the South Carolina Primary. Which, if you are a liberal hoping to see President Obama reelected, that is only good news. Though it really makes me wonder what the hell is going on in the Republican Party. According to the NY Times, the result totally changes everything (EVERYTHING) about the race, but Romney still is the frontrunner to win the nomination. So I guess it changed nothing.

Elsewhere, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords told the nation that she will not be seeking reelection. Good luck to you Ms. Giffords. You are an inspiration.

But I have one bone to pick this weekend in the media. It was from our local Star Tribune, who ran a story about the future of Amy Koch, Minnesota’s former Senate Majority leader who resigned that position after her illicit affair with a staffer came to light. Koch’s problems are only a small helping of the shit-storm facing the Minnesota GOP (for example), but her affair is her problem, and what happens as a result is her fault.

So I was very disappointed in the Star Tribune’s front page headline:  Sen. Amy Koch: Back up after ‘punch to the face’.

What the hell, Star Tribune? No one punched Amy Koch in the face. And if she wants to consider the fallout from her own bad choices a “punch in the face,” then call her on it. Say, I’m sorry Amy Koch, no one punched you in the face. Or, if you you were, you punched yourself in the face. So stopping hitting yourself.

I’m not quite sure why this got me. But it really annoyed me.


Written by Christopher ZF

January 22, 2012 at 17:38

Posted in media, Minnesota

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  1. Agree completely. It’s the, “I made a mistake, but I’m the victim.”

    Redhead in Rapid

    January 22, 2012 at 18:22

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