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Huffington Post knows how to bring in the traffic-

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I think Mark Wahberg is a fine actor. But Mark Wahlberg the person is boring. Super boring. So this post is not about Mark Wahlberg. But it is about the phenomenal capacity of the Huffington Post bloggers to create mind-explodingly inane material.

Let me explain. I clicked on the headline “Mark Wahlberg Apologizse for 9/11 Comments.” I don’t know why. This is what HuffPo does to you. I guess I wanted to see what non-sense some celebrity had to say about 9/11 so I could silently judge him  (which I did, sorry Mark).

That link brought me to a post titled Mark Wahlberg on 9/11 Plane: I would have beat terrorists, landed it safely. Of course, that sentiment is totally absurd and insulting to everyone who died that day. Their lives would have been saved if only Mark fucking Wahlberg had been there to save them. So yeah. He’s a dumbass.

Then, because Huffington Post understands human interest, whoever had this terrible assignment continues to discuss Mark Wahlberg’s personal opinions on masturbation. Seriously. Because including Mark Wahlberg’s personal opinions on masturbation (he opposes it) only heightens the seriousness of Mark Wahlberg’s personal value of himself as an anti-terrorism agent.

Huffington Post, you are terrible at writing. Lucky for you, you have an army of interneters sitting around, posting updates to the world’s news the moment it occurs. If not for that benefit, who would read you? (full disclosure: I probably would. Because HuffPo is so fun to mock).


Written by Christopher ZF

January 19, 2012 at 09:43

Posted in media

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  1. Congratulations czfinke! By writing an OK post about how bad yet POPULAR HuffingtonPost is, you may become popular too. I certainly find it more appealing to make a comment here where my fine insights are not drowned in a sea of drivvle and can make their own outrageous impact. However, I dare say Mark Wahlberg deserves a great deal of credit for whatever notoriety the posts and postings acquire. Since I knew Mark (Not very well, although I did wish him a successful career when he was just getting started, which I am sure made a lot of difference), I feel I am uniquely adapted to also grab his coattails, so to speak, and use his fame – unfortunately none of his fortune – to advance my own agenda. (Before I get started on that, I admire Mark and believe he is very intelligent and sincere and much of the criticism of him comes from penis-envy as a result of Boogey Nights. Be like me and, despite the envy; judge the whole man). (As to the half blinded Vietnamese man, I once ran into a pregnant woman while riding my bicycle. Fortunately she was not seriously injured.)
    My agenda is to make people aware, if they are not already, that 9/11 was a false flag operation used to grab money and power. Look at the diagonally cut beams, the photos of the real bin Laden next to the fake bin Laden who supposedly boasted about 9/11 which the real bin Laden had condemned, ask yourself why the White House insiders started taking anti-anthrax antibiotics THREE weeks before there was any known threat,
    ; why Jeb Bush enacted Martial Law the week before 9/11 . . . I could go on but that should be enough unless you are one of those stubborn hold outs who believes everything our government tells us.OK. One more: the false reports by Ted Olson that his wife called him from Fl 77 telling him of hijackers and box-knives which even the FBI reported did not take place in their report to the Moussaoui terror trial in 2006. The real agenda does not stop with tragedy on 9/11 or the terrible wars. Now the NDAA of 2012 has been signed giving Obama and/or his successors and the military the power to arrest American citizens and imprison them indefinitely, without trial or lawyer, on the unproven chance they pose some sort of a threat. This is unconstitutional and violates the oath our “elected” representatives are sworn to uphold. So, much for their claims of honesty. .The question is, will you take this lying down? I merely plan to try to expose it as I do not now and never have believed in violence. However, in a case of losing our freedoms, has it not been more successful to use peaceful civil disobedience? Otherwise, the other side gains the moral high ground, which they did not have .I can’t resist telling you that Cheney and Halliburton are heavily invested in prison’s for profit. Guantanamo is a case in point as well as the brand new, razor wire surrounded campgrounds FEMA has so thoughtfully been installing. Thank you Jesse Ventura for your courageous reports.

    Maynard Runkle

    February 4, 2012 at 08:28

    • Sounds like someone needs a tuck-in.

      Thanks for visiting the blog.


      February 4, 2012 at 09:21

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