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Holiday Post: Packers, Jon Huntsman, Golden Globes

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It is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in the USA. A worthy holiday, one you should be spending off-line. But in case you’re not, here’s a few pieces of news for those of you on the internets today (like me).

First, in “real” news, Jon Huntsman is dropping out of the GOP 2012 Primary contest. He may be been Mormon, and has worked for Obama, and speaks Chinese, and been the Governor of Utah, and a list of other descriptors that make him “disqualified” or “qualified.” But congratulations, GOP, you have now successfully  ignored the only candidate in the race who came off with any sense of moderation. Which leaves Huntsman (smart and capable and super conservative) out of the race, but Rick Santorum (terrible and super conservative) left in the race. Nice one.

And now for things that don’t really matter.

The Packers lost to the NY Giants in a football game. Though I no longer have any ill-will towards the Packers (as a Vikings fan) it is always fun to see the underdogs win. Additionally, having grown so tired of this years “it’s all about the offense, the QB is unstoppable” theme, I’m delighted to see both Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers lose. Clearly it is not all about the offense. Suckers.

The Golden Globes happened yesterday. They were pretty boring. Last year, Ricky Gervais was mean, but also mostly funny. And it came off as a total surprise to see him do and say what he did and said, and thus made the event worth watching, if a bit painful. By asking him back, and encouraging him to use the same schtick, all the shock value was lost, and Gervais was just boring. Oh remember how Ricky Gervais was rude to Johnny Depp last year, well here is Depp now returning the favor. Oh, He’s joking that everyone loves Colin Firth. EVERYONE DOES love Colin Firth, you jackass. That’s not funny.

And by the way, I struggle to see how Descendants is the best picture of the year and Hugo was the best directed film of the year. I haven’t seen either (and I’m sure they are both solid, if not good films) so I know I’m speaking out of turn, but still, Hugo? Descendants? I watched Moneyball last night, and will bet it was better than both of those movies.


Written by Christopher ZF

January 16, 2012 at 09:05

2 Responses

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  1. Glenn Reynolds quipped today: “Huntsman was the Republican candidate for Republicans ashamed of being Republicans. Shockingly, there aren’t that many people like that who vote in the Republican primaries.” Heh.
    And Moneyball was fantastically entertaining (with some flaws), but Descendants was better. It wasn’t as funny as people said, though.


    January 16, 2012 at 13:35

    • Moneyball was wonderful, and sad, and a compelling story about the necessity and the cold reality of progress. I was shocked at how well the ending played both very sad and triumphant. It (like most Sorkin material) represents the troubles inherent in modernity. I loved it.

      Descendants I’m sure is very good. We’ll get to it.


      January 17, 2012 at 09:24

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