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Interior? Rick Perry, you want to cut the Dept. of Interior?

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Rick Perry doesn’t matter in the eventual outcome of who wins the GOP nomination. It won’t be him, that seems pretty clear. But folks who can’t win the nomination are certainly capable of impacting the conversation (Ron Paul, anyone?).

And Rick Perry has been quite vocal that several federal agencies need the ax. This of course led to the famously embarrassing debate gaffe (“oops”) that effectively ended his chances of winning the contest. If you can’t remember a list of 3 things you hate, how can you remember important things, like the differences between Sunni and Shi’ite, or how the recent developments in Afganhistan are going to determine future interactions with Pakistan.

But that hasn’t stopped Perry from decrying the terrible agencies. The thing is: I’m not sure Rick Perry knows anything about the federal agencies he wants to destroy. In his original 3, Perry listed Commerce and Education. You might notice that is only 2. True. He forgot the third. To help him, Ron Paul suggested he might mean the EPA (which caused not even a blink in the media–that’s how loathed the EPA is in the GOP), but  apparently he meant to include Energy, he claimed later.

So, then it was Energy, Commerce and Education. Now, Perry is back, hitting his talking points, and naming his 3 agencies to immediately end. What are they?

“Three right off the bat, you know, commerce, interior and energy are three that you think,” Perry said during a radio interview with Bill Edwards on WTKS Radio in Savannah…Asked if Perry meant to include the Department of Interior in his list, Mark Miner, spokesman for Perry, told reporters: “It shouldn’t be surprising the governor is talking about another federal agency that needs to be looked at and cut.”

So that’s it? Apparently it doesn’t matter to Perry what agencies he chooses, as long as he mentions cutting federal agencies. If that place uses tax dollars to do things around the country, or to put it another way, is a federal agency, then it should be DESTROYED!

(Interior by the way is pretty good thing to have around, though of course it has its problems. It manages things like federal lands (BLM, Park Service), Native American issues (BIA), US Fish and Widlife, surface mining, and water. You know, all that hippy bullshit that is required for things to live. Cut it!)


Written by Christopher ZF

January 13, 2012 at 12:25

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