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Tim Tebow: Have you been talented all along?

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Tim Tebow deserves praise today. Yesterday, he played a beautiful game of football, which I did not think was in the cards for him, against a superior team, and as a result scored the right to hear a million mea culpas. Today.

And TRC is not too proud to provide one. Nice work, Tim. Good game. Keep it up. I was rooting for you to beat the ultimate sports dickhead, Ben Roethsliberger, and am happy you did. Good luck against the Patriots. I know I created this image to highlight how Tom Brady is a far superior QB than you are, but if you put together another game like yesterday, well, you just might pull it off. Maybe it isn’t all belief and heart and trust in your personal lord and savior. Maybe you’re just a talented young football player. But even if it was just a fluke (which it seems likely not to have been), congratulations.

And if you continue to play like you did against the Steelers, maybe your identity as a football player will assert itself, and you can be taken more seriously for being a professional, and things like this won’t have to be written. (hint, how many yards did Tebow throw for yesterday? and what was his average yards/completion? and how bored/lacking faith in humanity is a God who puts such signs into a football game?) (I kid, I kid).


Written by Christopher ZF

January 9, 2012 at 14:03

Posted in sports, Tim Tebow

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