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Romney wins, Bachmann quits, America yawns.

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Michele Bachmann has ended her presidential bid. She just said it on MPR: “I have decided to step aside.” Well from one Minnesotan to another, I say: Michele Bachmann, you wasted a lot of money, and no good came of it. Congratulations.

Now she said something about never compromising. That’s probably why you lost, Michele. Actually. Probably not. In the real world where people live, compromise is a value, but, in today’s GOP reality, it really is not. It is somehow the mark of weak liberals who value policy accomplishment over grinding the government to halt and grinding down the hearts of Americans to a gritty pulp of despair.

Anyway. Mitt Romney won the Iowa Caucus, just as TRC predicted. Santorum pretty much tied, and Ron Paul came in a very close third. Just wanted to make sure you heard the news.


Written by Christopher ZF

January 4, 2012 at 10:37

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