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Oh, Canada, what is your deal?

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Canada, our friendly neighbors to the North, are turning into real climate troublemakers. First, they embark on this project, which is, frankly, terrible. Then they pull out of the previously agreed to Kyoto Protocol (which even China, CHINA, called “regrettable”). Then, well, all along, they’ve been working to undercut what little effort the US has started to combat GHG emissions and climate change. Come on, Canada.

Read this.

The broader fight to reform Alberta’s tar sands, the one which actually stood a chance of breaking America’s addiction to the continent’s most polluting road fuel, has been quietly abandoned over the past several years. For that we can thank the planet’s richest oil companies and their Canadian government allies, who’ve together waged a stealthy war against President Obama’s climate change ambitions.

Their battle-plan is revealed in more 300 pages of personal emails obtained through a Freedom of Information request to the Alberta government.


Written by Christopher ZF

December 16, 2011 at 10:01

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