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Tom Brady: Perfect in every way (is that a joke?) (seriously)

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Apparently the Onion has quit the satire gig, and has started reporting on the wondrous lifestyles of America’s millionaires. About a new Tom Brady autobiography, the Onion reports:

“From the highest highs of winning two NFL MVP awards and marrying a Brazilian supermodel, to the more moderate highs of being a record-setting quarterback for the University of Michigan, this memoir is very personal and doesn’t hold back,” said Bryce Joplin, a representative from the book’s publisher, Hyperion, adding that Tom Brady: A Life Of Joy And Painlessness goes on sale Tuesday. “On the one hand, readers will see the side of Tom they already know from the football field—a good-looking millionaire who is constantly winning—but on the other, they’ll finally learn who Tom is off the field: a constant winner who is also a good-looking millionaire.” Brady was not available for comment, as he was eating filet mignon at the best steakhouse in Boston while waiting for a call concerning a $20 million endorsement deal with Rolex.

Is the satire here: this is perfectly true, and us poor people long for Bradian wealth? Or is the satire: this is perfectly true, and the rest of us poor people are just schmucks?

Because I struggle to see any other satire here.


Written by Christopher ZF

December 14, 2011 at 16:34

Posted in humor, sports

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