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A perfect mash up. Twilight, Lonely Island, and what that face really means

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Ok, thanks for visiting Relative Comment.

Here’s a thing. TRC is actually a fan of the Twilight films (except that second one, man, buy a shirt already), and is not even embarrassed by it. There is something so bizarre and strange about the content of these books/films, that I must admit, I enjoy them, despite the whole “Edward-is-a-control-freak-who-manipulates-Bella-in-every-way-and-Bella-is-a-powerless-female-and-Twilight-sets–back-women’s-empowerment-by-portraying-females-as-dependent-upon-a-silent-and-mysterious-man-to-do-everything-because-women-are-helpless” problem.

Anyway, I read the Hulk Smash review of the Twilight Saga (of which the second half is worth reading–the actual criticism of Twilight–while the first half just drones on and on) and I came across this video. If you have seen any of the Twilight films, you know that there is no shortage of wide-eyed facial intensity, and longing stares with expressions of grief/wanting/longing/desire/orgasmic pleasure. This video makes that plain.


Written by Christopher ZF

November 21, 2011 at 12:41

Posted in TV & Film, Twilight

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