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Man in Bow-Tie says Mormons are Zombies

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This is quite a comparison.

The creepy thing about zombies is that zombies are almost, but not quite, familiar to the living. They seem like people, but they are not people. Sigmund Freud called this state of eerie foreign/familiarity “the uncanny.”…
From the viewpoint of many Southern Baptists, Mormons are Southern Baptist zombies. Mormons hold the same family values as Southern Baptists. They talk about Jesus like Southern Baptists. They send out missionaries like Southern Baptists. They baptize people like Southern Baptists. But they believe the wrong things about Jesus, God and the Bible. For many members of the SBC, Mormons’ foreign/familiarity leaves them with the same creepy feeling we all get when we watch a George Romero movie.

Mormon’s are zombies? I thought Christians ate flesh? (bam).

Anyway. It hardly seems beneficial to the Southern Baptists to start a competition with Mormons to see who has the best family values, who has the most missionary children, who is the most socially conservative, all the while subtly promoting the outcast, horror movie character of zombies. Mormons: like Christians, but weirder and actually not Christians. You know, like how zombies are like people but are undead human hunters.

If you want to insult the Mormons, take the lead of Christopher Hitchens and just go for it.


Written by Christopher ZF

November 3, 2011 at 12:08

Posted in Mormon Church, religion

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