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Literally the worst thing that has ever happened to White People.

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I am a satisfied Netflix customer, who, like many would have rather not seen my monthly bill increase. But it did, and I will pay it. Because Netflix is still offering a product I want to consume at a cost that, in my estimation, is not unreasonable. In fact, it’s still pretty cheap.

I mean, they just got Mad Men and Star Trek: The Next Generation on streaming, both of which I will absolutely get around to, someday, after X-Files and Buffy and Friday Night Lights. That’s worth another 6 bucks right there. But that’s just my estimation. The dramatic response to Netflix’s price increase has been, well, very out of proportion with the actuality of the occurrence.

With that in mind, I offer this plea to support those unfortunate souls affected by the Netflix tragedy of 2011, the worst thing ever to happen to white people.


Written by Christopher ZF

August 2, 2011 at 13:18

Posted in humor

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