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It might be fun to pretend, but maybe you shouldn’t run for political office

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Continuing to prove themselves eminently reasonable in the realm of politics, religion, and the right to hold varying beliefs about the world, the Tea Party continues to back candidates that hope to remake law in the image of their personal faith and nothing else.

This time it is Kim Simac, horse-riding instructor and Tea-Party candidate in the Wisconsin recall elections. She is running against incumbent Democrat Jim Holperin. How does she want her government run?

Simac, vice chair of the Vilas County Republican Party and a tea party activist, wants to go beyond those political goals [cutting spending and reducing government] and promises to bring her personal principles to Madison if she replaces Holperin next month.
One of those issues is restoring local control of schools so that a school district could decide whether to teach religion in public schools. “If you teach evolution, then why not creationism?” Simac asked in a recent interview. “Why not put a cross in a school? Why not talk about Easter in our schools?”

Well, for starters, these activities are illegal. And they violate the United States Constitution, no matter how much one may wish it weren’t so.

Still think she might be a reasonable individual worthy of being a leader in politics, and tired of TRC tearing down Christians who want to teach evolution in public schools? Then I recommend reading this blog-post she wrote, and TRC copped from Huffingtonpost, in which Simac compares American Public Education to the Nazi Regime, and wonders how parents can hand their children over to such “questionable people” as public school teachers.

One might argue that Simac is just some crazy horse-instructor. But she is also an 11-year veteran of electoral politics, serving on her County Board. Still, the Kim Simacs of the world might be outliers among the national Tea Party movement. But it really is getting harder to argue that case. Even the former lawyer/current congresswoman Tea-Party candidate for President of the United States doesn’t seem to care about the Constitutionality of her social values. Only spreading the faith.


Written by Christopher ZF

August 1, 2011 at 14:34

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