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Newt is the next Lincoln.

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It has been said, too often to even bother finding links, that one of the great problems that faces a Newt Gingrich run for president in 2012 is his massive, massive ego. I tend to agree with this. Newt Gingrich possess a brilliant policy mind. He’s creative and smart and capable of seeing things other conservatives are not. The problem for Gingrich is that he is not the next Abraham Lincoln, and running for president in 2012 is not going to decide the fate of union. I know Newt would love to be the one that saves the nation from the brink of civil war, but we are not on the brink of civil war. We’re just fighting about budgets.  Sorry Newt, that’s just a bit of ego getting in the way. Again.

Republican Newt Gingrich told a Georgia audience on Friday evening that the 2012 presidential election is the most consequential since the 1860 race that elected Abraham Lincoln to the White House and was soon followed by the Civil War. Addressing the Georgia Republican Party’s convention, Gingrich said the nation is at a crossroads and that the re-election of Democratic President Barack Obama would lead to four more years of “radical left-wing values” that would drive the nation to ruin.

Even if this were the case, is Newt Gingrich really the man to stave off the ruin of the nation?


Written by Christopher ZF

May 14, 2011 at 12:34

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