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Don’t Say Gay in Tennessee

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Don’t Say Gay.

This is legislation from Tennessee that recently cleared its Senate Committee. The legislation aims to outlaw any mention of homosexuality in states’s classrooms from Kindergarten through eighth grade.  This is wrong. First,  teachers do not teach homosexuality into students, and keeping gay and lesbian topics out of the classroom will not lead to fewer gay and lesbian people.

But there is an even more egregious problem with this legislation beyond this obvious notion. Some students, no matter how much one may wish it were not so, are children of gay and lesbian households. Teachers would be forbidden from discussing “any sexual behavior other than heterosexuality,” and this would (presumably) include discussing the home life and issues of children of gays and lesbians. And what, god forbid, if a student is gay, and needs someone to talk to? Shouldn’t school be a safe place for a young person?

The circumstance of being a gay student, or the child of a homosexual family cannot be easy for a grade school student. To remove the opportunity for teachers and school officials from offering words of comfort or understanding is a terrible decision. And it’s wrong.


Written by Christopher ZF

April 22, 2011 at 18:12

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