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Emmer to Concede, Dayton to Govern

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Relative to: the Minnesota Governor’s Race

The news of the morning in Minnesota brings the announcement that MN Rep. Tom Emmer will concede the Governor’s race to former US Sen. Mark Dayton. This is welcome news, not just because Dayton, a democrat will win the seat and keep the state from total republican control, but also because it will allow the state of Minnesota to move on on the time. Gov. Pawlenty will not have to remain in office, causing liberal head-aches as he works with the new conservative house and senate majorities, and Dayton can get into office to start working with congress on a budget.

The vote advantage in Dayton’s favor has been nearly insurmountable, and in recent weeks it has become clear that Emmer and the Republicans in the state did not have a strategy to win the election. I’m glad to see the state going forward and moving past the recount to the business of governance.


Written by Christopher ZF

December 8, 2010 at 09:50

Posted in Minnesota, Politics

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