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Relative to: John Kyl’s decision to block a vote on the Nuclear Arms Treaty.

The President has taken a clear hit by losing his House Majority, slimming his Senate Majority, and losing his popularity at home. Thus, he will likely turn his attentions abroad, where Presidents often make their lasting marks, to Foreign Policy. He has successfully negotiated a new non-proliferation treaty with Russia and signed it earlier this year. It now awaits ratification by the US Congress.

For goodness sakes, congress, ratify the treaty! For political gain you will allow the world to be without a nuclear arms treaty? Hopefully it is just John Kyl and his pals that don’t want to see this come about immediately. A vote is likely to be held this year. We’re talking about nuclear weapons; not domestic budgets and tax codes. There is only one right thing to do when nuclear weapons are involved.


Written by Christopher ZF

November 18, 2010 at 11:34

Posted in foreign affairs, Obama

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