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Dear MN GOP: Don’t De-Rail the State

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Relative to: “GOP victories could derail Minnesota’s transit plans,” by Katie Humphrey and David Peterson.

We in Minnesota can’t control what happens beyond our borders. If Wisconsin’s new management doesn’t want to build high-speed rail connecting the Twin Cities and Chicago, little can be done. One can’t get to Chicago without crossing through Wisconsin.

But, please, GOP of Minnesota, don’t undo the good, hard work that has been done in Minnesota to provide multi-modal, inter/intra-city transit over the past decade. These economic times are hard, and our infrastructure, our roads and bridges, suffer. But there are several ways to solve these problems. New rail and improved bus lines are a solution. Investment in public transit provides a long term solution, not just a patchwork that will need to be patched again, that can provide economic growth areas and jobs.

Thinking long term about transit isn’t sexy; it probably won’t win you many votes or raise your favorables within suburban or rural districts, at least those off the proposed lines. But long term transit solutions are necessary. Minnesota is a great place to live, and people want to come here. All it’s really missing is a viable public transit system.


Written by Christopher ZF

November 16, 2010 at 09:48

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