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Low-Speed Infrastructure

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Relative to: Joan Lowy, Lahood to GOP Governors: No Trains, No Money.

The United States has infrastructure problems. Everyone knows this; our roads are crumbling and bridges collapsing.  Do we want to update our infrastructure, relying always on the same old roads and highways, or might we want to update our infrastructure, as well, providing transportation options other than car? I can understand that some folks don’t care about having a high-speed rail system in the US: it’s not going to go everywhere and where it is, not everyone is going to use it. But a new infrastructure to assist a crumbling infrastructure doesn’t seem like a terrible idea.

In fact, it might be just what the nation ordered. Greener, cleaner, safer, faster inter-city and inter-state transportation, the building of which could provide jobs and economic growth opportunities. That, at least, is one interpretation of what high-speed rail could bring.


Written by Christopher ZF

November 10, 2010 at 13:31

Posted in transportation

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